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F & B Supplies
Kitchen equipment, disposable cutleries, food storage equipment & food catering equipment. Food-grade quality wares for food handling.
Yuanyang Hotpot - Red
Safico Stainless Steel Gn Pan 1/3
Yuanyang Hotpot
Yuanyang Hotpot - Rose Gold
Lacor Stainless Steel High Sauce Pan (without Lid) 16xH11cm 2.1L Chef Classic 113LC-50217
Safico Stainless Steel Non-stick Frying Pan
Saga Cooking Paper 38CMX50M
Eloise French Coffee Press (black)
Plastic Funnel
Hanging Ladle
Wheat Straw Fiber Chopping/Cutting Board
Cdn Candy & Deep Fry Thermometer (ruler) (+40°C+200°C)
Sus304 Brushed Stainless Steel Steak & Salad Tongs
Tupperware Royale Palte and Bowl in Purple Colour ( Total 16pcs )
Coffee Filter Bag 328
Ecopack Disposable Plumcake Baking Paper MOLD- P4 200X65X45MM 50PCS
Sunnex Aluminium Tray, 241SX-ABBT1/1, 3.8ltr
304 Stainless Steel Frying Strainer
Chef's Heavy Duty Sus304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Scissors With Wooden Handle and Safety Lock
Japanese Damascus Stainless Steel Multi Purpose Unibody Knife
Multipurpose Non-blade Fruit Cutting Tool - Blue
Chef's Sus304 Stainless Steel Kitchen 4-in-1 Knife & Scissor Sharpening System
Chef's Multipurpose Sus304 Stainless Steel Unibody Kitchen Knife
Knife Sharpener (coarse/fine) - Red
Durable Drying Mat With Drainer (green)
Durable Drying Mat With Drainer - Blue
Durable Drying Mat With Drainer - Pink
Toto Self Closing Basin Tap TX126LEV1
Toyogo Rect. Basin ID500-GRY (pack of 6)
Unica Basin