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F & B Supplies
Kitchen equipment, disposable cutleries, food storage equipment & food catering equipment. Food-grade quality wares for food handling.
Safico Stainless Steel Gn Pan 2/3
Safico Stainless Steel Gn Pan 1/6
Safico Stainless Steel High Sauce Pan (without Lid)
Safico Stainless Steel Gn 1/6 Pan
Safico Stainless Steel Non-stick Gn 1/2 Pan
304 Stainless Steel Milk/Boiled/Porridge/Household Soup/Baby Pot
2 in 1 High Quality Pp Standing Kitchen Cloth Hanger & Sponge Holder/Dryer
Plastic Mug
Redman Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon
Atago PAL-1 Digital Hand-held "pocket" Refractometer
Wheat Straw Fiber Chopping/Cutting Board
Atago PEN-PRO Digital Hand-held "pen" Refractometer
Elevated Stainless Steel 4 Piece Carousel Utensil Box Set (spatula/tuner/drainer/ladle)
Sus304 Brushed Stainless Steel Food Tongs With Food Grade Silicon Tips
Sommelier's Professional Dual Purpose Wing Cockscrew Wine Opener & Bottle Opener in Sus304 Stainless Steel
Safico Stainless Steel Adaptor Bar
Kris Double Deck Dish Rack KS8149
Bed Bug & Dust Mite Exterminator 200ml 8886396030928
304 Stainless Steel Frying Strainer
Chef's Sus304 Stainless Steel Multipurpose Onion Holder Fork Vegetables Tomato Potato Meat Slicer Guide Slicing Cutter Safe Fork Kitchen Utensil Tools
Chef's Fish Descaler in Sus304 Stainless Steel for Fast Descaling
Apex Holder Cut-off Tool Spring for 3.2 X 12.7 X 90mm Tool Bit - 633216
Anysharp Knife Sharpener in Blue 5037430042534
Chef's Vegetable/fruits/potato Sus304 Stainless Steel Swivel Peeler & Potato Root Picker
Anysharp Knife Sharpener in Silver 5037430044927
NMBVCR15NP 11/4" "norika®" Brass Chrome Plated Bottle Trap 35mm for Wash Basin
Ecoco Multi-Function Cutlery Drying Rack
Toyogo Rect. Basin ID500-GRY (pack of 6)
11/2" Norika® Brass Chrome Plated Bottle Trap 42mm for Sink BTCP42
Toto Self Closing Basin Tap TX126LEV1
Lulu Dish Washing Liquid 5 Ltr (pack of 50)