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Prestar Folding Handle Pura Mesh Trolley PM201

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Model: PM201
Brand: Prestar

Product Details

Specially designed protectors provide enhanced safety The protector prevents accidents caused by problems such as jamming when raising the handle. The folding mechanism also helps protect against impacts.

Plastic hand trucks combine lightness and strength. Available in two colors. Our plastic hand trucks are manufactured using injection molding machines at our own plant. Light and easy to handle,they are specially designed to withstand impacts. Choose from two colors to match your preference or the task at hand.The quality of the material is polypropylene(PP).


  • Brand Prestar
  • Housing Material Pura Mesh
  • Loaded weight: 200 kg
  • Platform dimensions: 780 x 490 mm
  • Net weight: 9.7 kg
  • Availability loading surface: 780 x 490 mm
  • External dimensions: 810 x 505 mm
  • Handle height: 915 mm
  • Floor height: 180 mm
  • Wheel diameter: 100 mm


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