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Powered Electric Stair Climbing Trolley

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Model: DW-11A
Brand: Dragon

Product Details

Powered Electric Stair Climbing Trolley

The stair climber hand truck are mainly used for high-rise buildings haul goods up and down the stairs, only one person can use.

The materials of stair climber hand truck is made of high-strength aluminum alloy.

Three position lift bar help any size operator move the hand pallet truck on the stair.

Castor size:Ф125/75mm, rear castor with brakes


Brand : Dragon

Country of Origin : China

Material : Aluminum Alloy

Product Size : 1960*660*440mm

Fold Size : 1000*220*120mm

Weight Capacity : 220kg

Max Capacity : 250kg

Gross Weight : 34kg


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