Hag High Pressure Polyurethane (pu) Foaming Machine

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Model: HAG-30
Brand: RIM Polymers

Product Details

Product Details

HAG-30 is designed for light weight, portable specifically for In plant Rigid Foam injection foaming for various application: e.g. Ice Bucket; Small Rigid Foam Cold Room/Prefabed House Panel; Industrial Freezer; Small Pipe Insulation etc.

Technical Specification:

• Output: at mix ratio: A/B :1 :1 (Max 30 litres/min; Min: 6 litres/min).
• Mix Ratio Range: 1:1 to 1:3
• Total Electrical Power required: about 20 KW; 380 volt; 50Hz.
• Compressed air required: (at 6 bars) about 80 NL.
• Two electric motor drive with Axial Piston High Pressure pumps.
• Chemical viscosity Range: 50 cps to 2,000 cps per stream.
• Two Pour timers (standard).
• Tanks (optional).
• Machine with internal chemical recirculation for better temperature conditioning.
• Two heaters with 3kw for each stream.
• Control panel is Electrical /Relay type for easier parts maintenance at site.
(Option: PLC control is upon request)
• Standard high pressure hose (2.5 meters) for mix head with GMA “G-gun” for pouring.
• The machine is possible to convert to Spray Rigid Foam application.
• Extra optional kits are available for: 210 feet (i.e 64 meters) heated hose; Low voltage Power
Pack for heated hose and spray gun.


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