Google Home Mini (singapore Edition)
Google Home Mini (singapore Edition)
Product Description
  1. Fantastic Corporate Gift
  2. Get answers from Google
  3. Bring your music to life, using only your voice
  4. Manage your day from breakfast to bed
  5. Play, pause and rewind. Hands-free
  6. Control your smart home with just a few words.
  7. Your voice. Your info

Google Home has a list of the basic commands available to you upon the Home’s arrival, meaning you should ask Google Assistant questions, set alarms, connect your calendar, and carry out a host of other basic commands to better familiarize yourself with your new virtual companion.

You can also set up multiple users on your Google Assistant-powered device, like the Google Home Mini. Google Assistant can speak and understand two different languages if you want to make your Google Home bilingual. You can use interpreter mode to translate conversations in real-time. You can also use the Voice Match feature in the app and program your Home device to recognize your voice and give you tailored responses. For example, you can ask for information about your commute, and Google Assistant will recognize your voice and give you your commute information — not your partner’s.

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