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Chemical Products
Industrial-grade chemical products for gluing, cleaning and painting. Find chemical adhesives, multipurpose cleaning liquids, degreasers & stain removers here.
Dunlop Gp General Purpose Contact Adhesive 900ml
Premier Brand 3000 - Carpet & Rug Tufting Adhesive Glue
Suremark Glue Stick SQ2521 21G
Loctite 422 Super Bonder Instant Adhesive 50g Henkel Authorized Distributor
Araldite Rapid 5 Minutes (red)
Weicon Contact Va 8406 60 G Cyanoacrylate Adhesive
30mm X 5m X 1kg Furukawa C Tape
Syntho Steel Epoxy Putty (in Tube)
Waterproof Aluminium Seal Repair Tape 48mmx8m
Quiadsa Brik-Cen Ms-Aqua (Special For Pools)
SS10 Shower Seal (building Product)
Permatex Clear Rtv Silicone Adhesive Sealant 66BR
Pye Grout Waterproof Tile Grout 1 Kg White WAGR-10
Davco Sanitized Coloured Grout Eco Cfg 2 Kg
Davco Sanitized Coloured Grout Eco CFG 25Kg
Directional Guide Safety and Social Distancing Labels / Decals (diameter 270 Mm). High Quality Durable Vinyl Gloss White Stickers / Decals Designed to Aid in Social Distance for High Traffic Areas
Lanko Grout 280 Eco (25Kg)
S3 Grey Tile Adhesive (cite) 25kg Smartgrip 511
Upol PK1 Fibreglass Repair Kit
Upol PK1 Fibreglass Repair Kit
Loctite E-20hp Epoxy Adhesive 50ml Henkel Authorized Distributor
Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy Adhesive Gel 25ml - 14250
Alteco Epo Putty (A+B) 500g
Loctite Ea9340 Epoxy Adhesive Grey 75.9g Henkel Authorized Distributor
Hardex Aquastick 114GM HA-ADH-AS7
Loctite Mr 2000 Extreme Temperature Repair Putty 8oz 95724
Ardex Ca20p Multipurpose Construction & Underwater Repair Kit
Hardex Aqua Stick Epoxy Putty 1OZ HD-AS2
Wessbond Aquapatch EP1494
Cold Patch Tube & Tire Repair Kit